Being responsible to our customers, our employees and the environment are all priorities for us.

Responsibility for the Environment


Idling Control

All of our tractors are equipped with idling control devices. We implemented incentive programs rewarding drivers with the least amount of idling.



Increasing the use of intermodal has led to cutting our costs in fuel and has reduced our fuel consumption.


Freight Consolidation

We’ve reduced the number of trailer on the move, by optimizing our freight consolidation. We actively measure and reward consolidation optimization efforts.

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Low Emission Trucks

Our “green clean” fleet is 100% compliant with EPA regulations. Cleaner trucks lower our emissions, minimize our carbon footprint and significantly reduce fuel cost.


Route Optimization

Optimizing routes is every day’s challenge. We employ technology to optimize our routing and reduce our empty miles.

We pride ourselves with all our efforts to conduct our business in a responsible manner. We continually advocate towards a more environmentally conscious industry.

We are SmartWay partners since 2011 and all of our equipment is C.A.R.B. compliant.

SmartWay Excellence Awardee
Five times
(2012, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020).

Nominated for the same award in
2013, 2014.

Semi-finalist in:
2015 and 2019 

One of our intermodal trailers getting loaded on the train at BNSF hub in Los Angeles..

Responsibility towards Customers

Data access

Our customers have access to live and historical data. Time of pickup and delivery, delays, downtime, lumper charges and more.

Current location

Alway know the current location of a shipment. We offer live tracking for all of our shipments.

Efficient tools

The data is available to you via our mobile app, our web portal, email notifications, EDI or API integration.

We owe this to you !

We want to exceed our customers’ expectations. Important business decisions depend on the availability of the freight at the destination. We keep you in the loop especially when we experience issues. Developing backup plans strengthens our relationship.

We offer relevant, accurate and timely shipment data.

Sharing the road responsibly

Our responsibility extends towards drivers and pedestrians we are sharing the road with.
We approach that initiative with technology and a strong safety program.

Break assist

All of our trucks are equipped with brake assist features to help our drivers avoid collisions.

Video monitoring

We have driver monitoring cameras inside all of our tractors. Our drivers’ behavior improved dramatically.

Lane departure sensors

Another powerful feature all of our trucks have, alerting the driver of getting too close/crossing to the edge of the lane they currently drive in.

Electronic logbook

Part of our safety initiative, we’ve been using electronic logbooks since 2010. This gives us visibility, accuracy and control over our drivers’ hours of service.

Safety scores

MCS-150 miles for 2015

Unsafe driving

Hours Of Service Compliance

Driver Fitness

How about your transportation company ?

Ask them these information and compare.

Controlled Substances and Alcohol

Vehicule Maintenance

AVG Miles in between accident

24 months number of crashes

Source : Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration:, data as of Dec 31, 2016

One of our containers unloading at a customer terminal.

Responsibility towards our team

Give a Purpose

Share our vision, inspire one another. Why are we here?

Rockstar Team !

We share the same values. Open communication, collaboration and cohesive team effort.

Develop and train

We provide an ongoing program to take our employees to their fullest potential.


Positive Environment

Employees can have fun and find their balance between stress and silliness. When one fail, one is confident he’ll find help to get back on the right tracks.

Motivate and Inspire

We welcome passion, we support all of our team efforts to learn and succeed and we promote from within.

Work and Life Balance

Our goal is to find the right balance between work and personal life.

We offer flexible hours to our office team allowing them to take care of what’s most important at home.

Transportation is a team effort.